喵喵喵 Meow Meow Meow – 橘花散里 (HE)

喵喵喵 Meow Meow Meow – 橘花散里 (HE)

A two years old ordinary cat travels through time to become a thousand years old demon cat Hua Miao Miao. Little Miao Miao doesn’t understand the complications of life, still acting like an ordinary cat. Unexpectedly, Hua Miao Miao meets Bi Qing Shen Jun, a warrior god who looks like her previous owner, and is […]

裂锦 Broken Silk - 匪我思存 (BE)

裂锦 Broken Silk – 匪我思存 (BE)

This is a sorrowful story. In order to save the family business from bankruptcy, Fu Sheng Xin has no option but to attach herself to a business tycoon called Yi Zhi Wei. He has an old grudge against her father. In the midst of dealing cautiously and struggling with each other, they slowly get caught up in an emotional entanglements. […]

他来了,请闭眼 When He Comes, Close Your Eyes (Love Me If You Dare) - 丁墨 (HE)

他来了,请闭眼 When He Comes, Close Your Eyes (Love Me If You Dare) – 丁墨 (HE)

When you have a boyfriend who is brilliant, arrogant and loyal …… When dating, he said: “I’m not interested in these silly things.  However, if you kiss me every five minutes, I can do any silly thing with you.” When jealous, he said: “Compared to me, that guy has “stupid” written from head to toe.  […]

大寰妤: 许我倾室江山 Da Huan Yu: Let Me Overturn the Empire - 殷寻 (OE)

大寰妤: 许我倾室江山 Da Huan Yu: Let Me Overturn the Empire – 殷寻 (OE)

A cold coffin unearthed after thousands of years. A man and a woman suddenly die at the same time. Mysterious events not recorded in history. Western Han dynasty, 7 kingdoms at war, she obeys the Emperor’s command to enter the palace to serve as advisor.  Her ethereal beauty seduces even the eyes of a prince […]

帝业如画 Picturesque Empire - 慕容湮儿

帝业如画 Picturesque Empire – 慕容湮儿

She is the youngest daughter of a powerful clan, and the Empress uses her as a marriage pawn. He is her enemy, also her husband. He is the eldest son of a provincial governor, but with the ambition to overthrow the Yuan Empire. He has his reasons, she has her reasons. Side by side in […]

凤隐天下 (一品废妻) World of Hidden Phoenixes - 月出云 (HE)

凤隐天下 (一品废妻) World of Hidden Phoenixes – 月出云 (HE)

The wedding night wine is actually a cup of poison, who can believe it? The person who poisoned the wine is her husband, who can believe it! But such a thing happened! And that is just the beginning of her bad luck. On her wedding night, she goes from new bride to abandoned wife, and […]

纸玫瑰 Paper Rose - 林笛儿

纸玫瑰 Paper Rose – 林笛儿

The story begins with a wedding. Then it moves to a flashback of when they first met. Kang Jian is the assistant to the city mayor whereas Bai Yan is a nurse. He pursues her but she pushes him away because she is realistic and doesn’t see a future for them due to the differences in their social status. Ultimately, […]

喂,放开那姑娘 Hey, Let The Girl Go – 忆锦 (HE)

喂,放开那姑娘 Hey, Let The Girl Go – 忆锦 (HE)

Ye Chu is a good girl, everything about her is good, except she is a bit chubby. Wei Bei is a bad boy, everything about him is bad, except his handsome looks. When a good girl meets a bad boy. There is a big shout: “Beast, let the girl go!” There is always a bad […]

符之一笑 A Smile from Fu - 读读

符之一笑 A Smile from Fu – 读读

Tang Shao said confidently: “Fu Xiao, you like me.” Fu Xiao replied in shock: “Madman.” “When I kissed you, you were affected.” “That was my first kiss. Anyone who suddenly kisses me, I will be affected, OK? I’m not a dead person!” “Your first kiss?” Tang Shao is very satisfied: “See, you are destined to be my wife.” […]

如果蜗牛有爱情 When A Snail Loves - 丁墨 (HE)

如果蜗牛有爱情 When A Snail Loves – 丁墨 (HE)

In this world, there is a beautiful love when two people understand each other, when one can read the other person’s mind. One day, while talking about work, he suddenly changes the subject: “I’ve pursued you for a long time, how do you feel?” Xu Xu is surprised: “You’re pursuing me?” He patiently lights a […]