宝珠鬼话 Bao Zhu's Ghost Talk - 水心沙

宝珠鬼话 Bao Zhu’s Ghost Talk – 水心沙

Our female lead, Bao Zhu (full pig:) was born with a pair of ‘yin yang’ eyes which can see supernatural things. After the death of her only relative, her beloved grandmother, she  runs a pastry shop alone. After she unexpectedly picked up a charming and sly fox spirited man, the two run the business together. Then, she also […]

兔子压倒窝边草 Once We Come Across Love (爱情来了你就上 Embrace Love) - 忆锦

兔子压倒窝边草 Once We Come Across Love (爱情来了你就上 Embrace Love) – 忆锦

The female lead is called Xiao Tu (Bunny) and the male lead is called Ling Cao (Super). They are neighbours who were born a month apart, grew up, went to school and graduated together. Tutu is a cute and good girl but not smart yet not stupid.  She is good at martial arts so the guys are scared of her. Whereas Ling […]

怪你过分美丽 Blame you Being Too Beautiful - 未再 (HE)

怪你过分美丽 Blame you Being Too Beautiful – 未再 (HE)

Mo Xiang Wan mixes with the wrong crowd due to the lack of warmth in her broken family. She has never considered her one crazy encounter in her wild youth as a mistake. Instead she sees Fei Fei as an angel who comes to rescue her from her fallen lifestyle, provide love and support for her after her family dessertion and accompany her when she is lonely and […]

夜行歌 Night Song - 紫微流年 (HE)

夜行歌 Night Song – 紫微流年 (HE)

Tianshan volume: A girl in white called Jia Ye has been raised since young by an evil master. She is smart, decisive, calm, strong but cold and indifference especially when she is executing her duty to kill. A young boy called Shu Ying has been held captive in an evil sect (Mojiao). He is perseverance, resourceful, courageous and loyal. […]

爱死你 Crazy Love - 江南

爱死你 Crazy Love – 江南

The deceased also must love. New fairy tale says, let us be simpler to be happier. A full-time angel of death who hooks other souls. A good and brave human girl who saves the life of other girls by sacrificing her own marriage. Their only intersection is gazing at the stars together on top of the castle. It is such an ordinary 1001 […]

原来你还在这里 You Are Still Here (Never Gone) (原来 Original) - 辛夷坞 (HE)

原来你还在这里 You Are Still Here (Never Gone) (原来 Original) – 辛夷坞 (HE)

Is there such a person in your heart? After he left, life goes on. The traces he left behind has been gradually erased by the passage of time. You rarely think of him and can live well without him. When caught off guard, he appears in your dream again and first expresses remorse. You have a victor smile on your […]

潇然梦 Xiao Ran's Dream - 小佚

潇然梦 Xiao Ran’s Dream – 小佚

Shui Bing Yi is a modern woman who in the midst of being accidentally kidnapped, travelled to another time period. She met a cold blooded killer called Bu Sha and a handsome man called Qi Ran. Bing Yi and Qi Ran fell in love. But Bing Yi was pushed down a cliff by assassins. Later, Bing Yi and Qi Ran reunited in an extraordinary […]

温暖的弦 Warm Chord (Here to Heart) -  安宁 (HE)

温暖的弦 Warm Chord (Here to Heart) – 安宁 (HE)

This book tells a story about eternal love. This young and immature but profound love that even a cruel break up cannot change.  They took a decade yet still cannot heal their injured hearts. Even though they have found new companions, they are still unable to quell their empty and lonely hearts. Who will make the first move to lure the […]

许我向你看 Let Me Look at You - 辛夷坞 (OE)

许我向你看 Let Me Look at You – 辛夷坞 (OE)

Han Shu has successfully forgotten completely many details of that day. His memory seems to to have been blocked by an eraser, quietly erasing fragments of what he is afraid to recall, leaving specks of dust on the floor. Only one indelible scene is still vivid  – she stood in the dock and he sat in the audience . Han Shu did […]

放弃你是我做过最勇敢的事 Giving You Up is the Most Courageous Thing I've Done - 人间小可(HE)

放弃你是我做过最勇敢的事 Giving You Up is the Most Courageous Thing I’ve Done – 人间小可(HE)

At 17 years old, she dreamingly with a bowl of complimentary soup from the cafeteria captured his love. But he broke their love with an air ticket. Four years later, when he reappeared in her life, she still love him. Nothing has changed, only the stark and cruel reality of life. His family paid $100,000 to her for a promise. She […]